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One Piece 784 - One Piece Manga 784

In regards to Gear 4, One Piece 784 I think there is a good reason why Luffy wants everyone to be far away from him. I think its because he is going to go ape shit crazy to the point that he will be in a blinded rage. OR it might just be a full body haki like vergo. I highly doubt luffy will expand his size, since that would not be wise considering the fact he would be a massive target for Doffy to cut up.
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one piece manga 784
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WHAT are Leo and Mansherry up to? Why didnt they just heal law on the spot? Gear 4 is definitely filled with risks, since Luffy has avoided using it until I'm sure rayleigh must have said to only use it as a last resort. I know, really? XD If Leo had enough time to stitch up Laws arm, she could've place her eyeballs on Law's arm and heal his entire body if she can't come up with any tears. Or maybe she managed to heal his arms (unless Leo stitched Law's bones. OUCH) but not the rest of his body to conserve her powers or something in case Luffy needs to be healed (he probably will need it after going 4th gear). **Princess Mansherry better get as far away from Doffy as possible while he's alive and kicking before Doffy makes use of her. I'm also guessing there might be a condition for her ability such as the need to be sad in order for her tears to imbued with healing properties or something.

One Piece 784 - Read One Piece 784 is Out!

It was always obvious gear four would exist,  Get latest one piece 784 spoiler pics and summaries here. one piece chapter  784 manga spoiler will be released on tuesday night or wednesday morning.Read one piece 784 Spoiler English. The very fact that the Gear naming scheme was chosen hints at a gear four AND five, as that is how gears usualy are IRL (it depends on the kind of vehicle actually, but its usualy up to five), and its actually nothing like super saiajin, luffys gears are thought out mechanisms that explain how he got stronger, everything that SS isnt.

one piece 784 manga

I'm going to go with Gear 4th being some kind of vulcanization. I'm not reaaaaally interested in a Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd combination.

Doffy said that Luffy had the requisite speed but lacked the power. Perhaps this could be what he needs.

The only is problem is that vulcanization is irreversible. So, not sure how that would work out. Gear 2nd was about pumping blood faster, so that meant blood vessels expanding.
Gear 3rd was about bone expansion.

I guess Gear 4th is about expansion as well, since Luffy is made of rubber. Maybe it's something to do with expanding Luffy's own muscles, in order to create more muscular density. That would give him a way to increase both speed and strenght.
Or maybe is something to do with vibrating the nerves to a point where they get dehydrated and become shorter in lenght, thus increasing their synapsis time response, waht would make Luffy faster to think and react.

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One Piece 783 - Doflamingo's Performance

One Piece 783 manga I have no complain on Luffy's performance against Doflamingo. It was better than I expected. I'm just pissed that it keeps getting interrupted every time their fight happened. First was Bellamy and now Trebol. I just want an entire 2-3 chapters where those two will fight for good.
one piece manga 783
Doflamingo's repaired or mended internal wounds hasn't impacted his fighting abilities as much as some think. He blocked some of Luffy's kicks. He dodged Eagle Bazooka at point black range, then he rushed Luffy so fast that the latter had no opportunity time dodge Doflamingo's kick (sent Luffy flying off the roof btw) which forced Luffy to cover up. It doesn't seem like Doflamingo has lost any speed or strength.

 An Internal Injury that has only been stitched is not what I'd call healing. Up until that attack is when Luffy finally started fighting on par with Doflamingo. Although he's stitched his wound up, It doesn't mean he's immobile; I do however doubt he'll be as mobile as he was in previous chapters.

Before Doflamingo was uninjured, the argument was Luffy wasn't taking the fight seriously enough or he wasn't mad yet; conveniently as Luffy's raged was reaching its peak, Doflamingo was stabbed by an ultimate attack that destroys organs internally.

I find it difficult to accept that it hasn't impacted Doflamingo's performance, but I see where you're coming from in your views which is a fair analysis.