Sunday, March 30, 2014

Naruto 671 - Hagoromo Sealed The Juubi

Kaguya Ootsutsuki would commit a sin by eating a sacred fruit that belonged only to the said god, Shinju. Naruto 671 Spoilers. Here we are for the latest Naruto 671, Get to watch the next Naruto manga 671. Catch the latest Naruto 671 spoilers, Read Naruto 671 scans Online. It was the sin they referred to. Also, I believe that she was a princess of a kingdom far away or the main continent itself, and came to resolve the raging wars as a peacekeeper. She used force as a resolve, committing an act of aggression and peace at once.

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I speculate that Hagoromo sealed the Yin of Juubi within himself, while his brother sealed the shell of Shinju, Gedo Mazou, the Yang of Shinju. I believe Hagoromo's brother died somehow, and thus sealed the Gedo Mazou within the moon that he created before it could increase the risk of Shinju's revival. Then, Hagoromo decided to divide his own Yin part into nine Bijuu. I do not want to make any speculations considering the Hyuuga with no clear hints about it pointed, but I'd rather say that Byakugan is a genetical mutation of Sharingan. Uzumaki and Senju come hand-in-hand or so. So basically what tobi told naruto before the war has just been told once again. this is really the first time I feel bad, that I actually wasted a few seconds per day to think about what the chapter could be. I don't like it, but okay, maybe it will become important, that we now know the sage's face. Has a good guess that the hermit would appear this chapter and was correct but wow the sages two sons was interesting and Naruto is the incarnation of the sages son, so i guess naruto will look like the sages son when he transforms wish the chapter never ended Maybe there is an implication relating to why the design of the staff of Hagoromo got split between Madara and Obito. I think there that each side of the staff has a specific ability relating to the persons mentality and thus the design got split because the mentality between Madara and Obito were different compared to Hagoromo.

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