Sunday, April 20, 2014

Naruto 674 Chapter - Shinnigan of Indra

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Shinnigan (original sharingan that Kaguya had) Rinnegan is a watered down version of this original, and so is the sharingan. They became two separate eyes from one. As far as sasuke's eyes go, It looks like he's only got one Shinnigan eye and the other one is a sharingan/EMS. And yes, it could be that so far he's only activated the one eye. As far as Madara goes, It wouldn't surprise me if Kaguya (who's the tree inside him) Helps him awaken three eyes like she had. Also who else thinks that naruto is going to extract all the bijuu from Madara? Makes sense since he was talking about still sensing the other half of Kurama meaning he wants Kurama back. So Naruto will get even stronger because he will take all the bijuus chakra back.

naruto chapter 674

It would make more sense for Sasuke to have both eyes looking like his left eye. Although, he is left dominanat, which may explain why he has Rinnegan in his left eye. Kaguya seems to have had only the one eye as well. Jyuubi, too. Maybe it's just a one eye thing. I just don't understand why Hagoromo had both eyes with his version of Rinnegan. I assumed Madara can only get the upgraded Rinnegan/Sharingan if he gets his other Rinnegan. There are ovbiously some differences between What Kaguya/Sasuke/Jyuubi have and what Hagoromo/Madara have.

Why does it seem like Naruto is stronger than Hashirama and Madara before he absorb the tailed-beasts? Remember even before absorbing the beasts Madara completely annihilated the Kages by himself and Naruto power increase makes him just as powerful as the Jinchuuriki Madara? Its kinda getting hard to understand the power bonuses throughout this war, Naruto has had like 40 power-ups. At least he's getting more techniques now, it use to be Rasengan Shuriken now it finally looks like he has more techniques.