Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Naruto 693 - Read Naruto Chapter 693

Indra is the curse of hatred, passing his will on to make Uchiha insane in their pursuit of power. Naruto 693 English scans is out and available now in this site. Read naruto chapter 693 online. just click the naruto manga 693 scans below. Ashura is the will of fire, passing his will on to promote unity and friendship. The transmigration won't end because Ashura will always return to stop Indra, who will always return to pursue his ideals.
naruto 693 raw

To be hnest, this is turning to be one of the worst mangas ui have ever read, so many plot holes and things that dont make sense for example, how can someone steal the powers of the uchiha or the sage by just taking their eyes? didnt the second hokage explain that the true power of the uchiha comes from the chackra of the produced on the brain and that the sharingan is just a reflection of that chackra? that explanation besides making sense it also throws all theories about the sharingan eyes powers into the eptiness.

If we take the second hokages explanation as a fact then acquiring the uchiha powers by stealing thier eyes is a big bullshit; of course that one of the major bullshits is obito traveling through the death and the impure world like nothing and giving his special power to kakashi and not just chackra; if obito could barely open a hole between kaguyas dimesnions and with the help of ssj sakura, then how opening a hole between the life and death dimensions would be easier? then again, madara being controlled by black zetsu may be one of the major bullshits, if black zetsu ncouldnt even controll a weakend obito and also at the versh of death, how could he even controll madara+full power rinnegan+8 bijus an half kyubi bijus+sage mode?