Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Naruto 699 - The Two Heroes

Naruto can counter every naruto 699 and naruto 700 single attack Sasuke can dish out. Maybe he can maybe he can't, but I'm hoping you realize that Naruto was fighting a Sasuke who was aiming for the kill. Who knows why he didn't use those other techniques. It could just be Kishis choice, plot or whatever you wanna call it, BUT you have to add to the possibility that Sasuke knew that certain techniques would not work against Naruto.
naruto 699 - naruto manga 699
About tasking you proof, I am not the one making claims that require proof. You go on stating Sasuke can absorb all these things, when he only has done it on a small scale. No other Shinobi, even more experienced Shinobi, with the Rinnegan ever absorbed those colossal powerful attacks. That technique has limits. You want us to believe what you say and accept it without one page of Sasuke doing something on that scale. That's why there are multiple users not buying into your statement