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When Mimihagi appears and stabilizes the Soul King, Ichigo looks at it in shock. Yhwach attempts to destroy both of them, but Ichigo stops him, allowing Yoruichi to move in and begin the process of replacing the Soul King. When Yhwach asks him why he is doing this, Ichigo states he is here to protect Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Human World, prompting Yhwach to demand to know if Ichigo thinks only he can do this. Proclaiming that he cannot simply sit by even if he is replaceable, Ichigo blasts Yhwach out of the palace with a Getsuga Tenshō and tells Yhwach it does not matter if Yhwach's blood runs in his veins because he will not do Yhwach's bidding

Saturday, March 28, 2015

One Piece Manga 782 - Gear Third Haki Punch

One Piece 782 spoilers and one piece manga 782 raw will be posted here under one piece manga series. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as one piece chapter 782 is available.

one piece 782 manga
Also it should be clear that Luffy needs to come up with a plan to take out Doflamingo. Honestly he's the perfect opponent for Luffy, on the condition he doesn't end up understimating him too much. DD obviously mastered his DF, add to that he's pretty proficient in using Haki, and he's good at provoking his enemies so they lose their calm and attack him recklessly. Luffy needs to put his shit together and come up with a good strategy in order to beat DD, all that while keeping his cool.

We pretty much saw in the first part of the manga that with each fight Luffy got stronger, so my guess is that after defeating DD he will continue to grow as a fighter, simple as that. We don't even know if the Yonko are coming right after this arc, maybe he will have to deal with the seventh shichibukai first. Didn't say anything about it being easy and I've also acknowledged DD's strength numerous times. I also didn't say luffy is weak, I said its making him look weak and I was trying to explain the point that was being made, not my opinion. If you're asking my opinion, that was indeed disappointing from luffy. DD easily block his gear third haki punch.

Luffy is supposed to he dead serious right now and DD isn't fazed. Its not supposed to be easy but its also not supposed to be borderline hopeless. Or can you see a logical way luffy wins as he is now without it being an asspull? It isn't about DD being strong, everyone already knows that. The focus here is luffy. He has yonko match-ups soon and everyone is eager to see just how strong he is now after his training and frankly, its nothing to write home about. This would probably change in time but we are talking about right now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One Piece 781 - Strength of Trebol

One Piece Chapter 781: I think Bellamy is going to be the one to fight trebol. If you think about it zoro is too far, Oda made zoro run around to make sure he wasn't involved. Sabo is too strong of a character to fight trebol, it would hold no meaning. Now if you think about it who's close enough? Robin has a chance, kyros is out of picture because he is too injured and refused to be healed! Luffy greatest skill is making friends in the any situation that's what helped him in the coliseum (Sabo showing up and ruin doffy plans).

Oda sensei is making one piece mysterious and amazing bringing more suspense in to the manga. as for i think luffy will fight both of doffy and trebol as doffy mentioned himself to law about facing both of'em. maybe Luffy will just punch trebol sending him fly out of the cage since it's shrinking. For law he is not dead yet because he's trying to say something to luffy. i think he will talk about doffy weakness, i think he figured it out. One more amazing thing, now i think we will find out where sanji team is. i think they found out about the situation in dressrosa because of Law vivre card and Law nakamas are also on thier way to dressrosa. the war is going to involve others yonkos as well. well i think i said to much or i'm just curious about whats going to happen next???? this is my first time posting on a forum.. I'm watching onepiece anime since 2006 and recently i think about a year ago started reading manga. i hope you all will appreciate my efforts It seems the birdcage will be taken down before DD is defeated. Its constantly shrinking and Luffy can't defeat both DD and Trebol in that time. I wonder what this plan is, they had gone over it before it seems. Was luffy remembering something it or law was actually talking to luffy then? Then maybe he should start taking care of himself more. One Piece, his creation is already a huge franchise that is bigger than him. If his health drops, he's also dropping a multi-million franchise along with him. Now the one person doffy threw away will come back to haunt him. How you might ask? Well mansherry of course. There group is the closest. They will head towards the battle but to get there first they must pass Bellamy. Remember doffy released him and still Bellamy carried out his mission but failed. If you think about it strength wise Bellamy is close to the strength of trebol without being overkill. Law is too powerful to fight trebol, even if he was completely heal and it will be a waste. Law job is to witness luffy fight for him so that later in the major war he would come to help luffy in his time of need. Bleach Manga 621.

One Piece 781 Manga - Read One Piece 781 Chapter

One Piece 781 Spoiler: I gotta agree with you on this one. Not sure if it's a proof that his writing declined, but it would make Luffy seem too powerful from the get go.Also I'm under the impression that a lot are underestimating Trebol. He could be difficult to deal with, so to me having him help out DD is detrimental to Luffy. If Luffy were to one shot him then face DD it would make him seem too overpowered. Not to mention it wouldn't make sense.
one piece 781

Luffy wasn't able to land a hit on DD in this chapter(don't wanna argue about why he couldn't) and then suddenly not only he could potentially be able to hurt DD, but also one shot an executive? Rage alone wouldn't explain it imo.I guess it's possible he could struggle a bit against him but still it's a bit too much for my taste. Also prior to this we were lead to believe that maybe Law was stronger than Luffy due to his hax DF among other things. Seeing how Law lost it would make it look like he was weaker than Luffy all along, and I'm not sure how happy I am about this. This is why I am convinced that Sabo should get there asap, so that each of them can take their opponent, Luffy against DD and Sabo against Trebol. Also I want to see DD interact with Sabo after learning that he's Luffy's brother. The plan that Law devised wasn't revealed to us, so it has to be told to us sometime, and honestly I think next chapter is that time. Law puts a lot of faith in Luffy, so it won't be strange if he devised a plan particularly for Luffy. Perhaps his plan encompasses, among other things, a weakness in Doffy's ability, like a time interval in which he can't use his string ability or something. A weakness in DD's ability would be a bit too much imo. Unlike Crocodile, Luffy doesn't need to rely on that anymore. Plus DD is a paramecia. The point is that his attacks with Haki should be all he needs to face him.The only instance I can see Luffy needing to find his weakness is if Luffy's haki was weaker, so even his attacks wouldn't have the effects needed, so yeah he should try to find a weakness to exploit. As a matter of fact it's possible such weakness exists but that has more to do with DD's character, as we've seen him in this chapter he's pretty calm and collected, so maybe making him lose his composure and beating him at his own game could be exploited by Luffy(but then again Luffy is an idiot Bleach 621 Manga.