Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Piece Manga 788 - Sabo vs Burgess

If you have anything to share regarding one piece 788 predictions or theory, please leave every of your message at the comment section. He has envisioned for each and every single person standing against him is but minutes away and Luffy still unable to move and use Haki has found himself in a situation where he may be too late in liberating the nation he gave his word he would save. Will Zoro and the Tontatta help delay the Bird Cage long enough to buy Luffy enough time to defeat Doflamingo or will the miracle that helps save Dressrosa take another form?
one piece manga 788

What a great chapter, this is definitely the best bit of this arc. Kudos to the people who guess Burgess' objective right in stealing the loser's devil.

So now it's gonna be DD vs Sabo vs Burgess - I think it's about time Zoro join in, since he hasn't been serious at least once after the 2years time skip (3 years in real world time now!)

there are possibilities but some theories are just improbable and illogical and simply just too ridiculous for us properly conclude that they will never happen
Doffy already has a crew of powerful broken DF users, he can practically find any DF he wants but doesn't because he has no use for them, why would he just start killing ability users on chance that maybe the fruits ha has on him will turn into that ability?, like I said BB pirates believe in fate and they would just laugh it of ifthey killed an ability user and the fruit they have doesn't turn into a DF they just say they were just unlucky this time and move on to kill the next, they how they are!

How would Kiado hunting down 1 zoan user at a time be better than buying a 100 zoan DF at once? just because something is possible doesn't mean everyone will do it more so when the results aren't a guaranteed 100%

Naruto Manga 700+5 - Tobi's Sharingan Storage

Read naruto gaiden 5 spoiler, naruto gaiden 5 English Spoiler, I don't know if this has been adressed already, but maybe Orochimaru found Tobi's sharingan storage? Now that the enemies are gone he could have spent the last 12 years with research and development. And experimented on implementing sharingan in kids (like he did with Hashirama's cells). That is probably why Sarada is being targeted. To be Orochimaru's new body. Or any of the other kids but they probably don't have Uchiha blood. I would love this mini- series to end with a Naruto & Sasuke vs Orochimaru of steroids. naruto gaiden 5 Raw,naruto gaiden 5 Confirmed Spoilers, naruto gaiden 5 subbed Manga English Online, Info naruto gaiden 505 Manga, Download naruto gaiden 505 Manga Free.
naruto manga 705

Now compare the situation, Sasuke was able to disarmed two experienced assasins, kick them and come inbetween to protect Tazuna and trying to counter attack. And assasins where going for direct kill and infront of them they have seen how their sensei got murdered.
While in Sarada's case only one attacker that also not going for kill, she has a capable partner yet all she could do was evades barely.
I think Sasuke is more impressive there dude.

So you agree with my point of Sasuke being more capable than Shin. I am glad you get it.

You really don't make anything up, but don't take me wrong, it is not the first time I see you discussing, you usually are quite adept of cherry picking facts to show just the facts that fit your points, ignoring or downplaying the importance of other facts that puts your argument's validity into partial or complete question. This is not necessarily a bad thing (as some might think), since this is no scientific debate, here opinions matters, so it is natural to use facts to base your opinion, the problem is when you state that the facts prove your opinion right, thus your opinion is fact too. I just tried, with the Haku fight to show this, that the facts didn't prove your opinion right, that this is entirely up to debate, and arguably at that specific situation even prove it wrong if you take your words in their literal meaning.