Sunday, December 22, 2013

Naruto 660 Chapter - Alliance Forces New Approach

Madara looks unbeatable without eyes, Read naruto 660 prediction and naruto 660 spoiler confirmed by ohana. When naruto 660 is done, you can visit us again for the next naruto chapter. I'm just wondering if the alliance forces new approach is to just let the bijuu and their caretakers handle everything. It's difficult to believe that so many powerful shinobi have just decided to take a break at such an important time. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

naruto manga 660
it's a bit faster than the previous chapters too. Although I wish Zetsu would just take the eye and kill obito. talk about stretching it for so long. well it does seem like bee would loose gyuuki, and would most likely die. I wonder why Madara didn't attempt to pull out a chain for Minato though. I mean, he has the other half of the kyuubi. In my opinion, only Shikamaru could contribute something significant enough because an intelligent strategist would be helpful in a dire situation, but the rest aren't on the par with the current limits. And maybe, just maybe Sakura because of that enormous power. It's seriously sad, but not for a moment did I even consider Sakura amongst that list, I was even considering way down the list to the likes of Dodai and Kurotsuchi. Wow, Sakura. Maybe, just maybe, Kishi will decide to take another crack at improving her standing, and avoid dropkicking her back to obscurity immediately after.