Monday, October 20, 2014

Naruto 697 - Eternal War

Here's another Naruto 697 you are missing on a very basic level. Sauske doesn't care about peace. He is setting up a system of ETERNAL war. Generations and generations for all time with him on one side, and everyone else on the other. He's not creating peace.

naruto 697

He's creating war. The villages will continue to train shinobi, teach them to hate, and that hate will inevitably point not just at Sauske but at others as well. He's just setting up a system where people will be trying to create bigger, badder, more lethal shinobi. Sauske isn't interested in peace. He wants eternal warfare. It's even more selfishness on display with him hogging one whole side of the conflict, unwilling to share the burden - even in the interest of making it a 'better' system.

It's suppose to replicate Madara and Hashirama's fight to some extent, obvious the result of their fight is going to be different, but Madara went full Susanoo and Hashirama had summoned his wood golem and dragon early in their battle. So I don't see why people are so critical about this.

What I'm really disappointed in is the wasted panels on flash back. The manga is suppose to end in 5 weeks, unless they aren't including this chapter, at 16-18 pages if the manga continues at the pace they're going there's not much of a story to tell in that short period and really not a lot of room to tie up loose ends. Actually started out cool but damn flashbacks interrupted and spoilt the fun. And the same ones we see every friggin time!.
Its cool to still see then interacting (especially sasuke) but if they're already bumping fists and talking about understanding each other, doesn't bode well for any more action. I fully expected there would be more talking than fighting. With 4 chapters left and a lot to still go over, I'm really not surprised.
I'm not angry or anything either. Really, I'm just anxious to see how it will all end.

At this point, I don't really care how much Naruto tries to verbally slap some sense into Sasuke. It's established that it won't work, and it's neat to see it fail, to be honest.
Thus, Kishimoto has to find another way to resolve things (if a resolution is actually going to be the outcome of all of this), or the manga will end in some way no one really expects.